PTCL Smart TV app works, just not with 3G Evo


Smart TV app works on the go just as long as you don’t use PTCL dongle. PTCL with “tmhara TV chalta hai” commercial shows how SMART TV can be accessed through their application now, but the ever decreasing performance of their USB dongles make sure that their user can never watch a decent video/TV as long as they don’t have a sustainable connection.

A few days ago I had the misfortune of traveling to Islamabad from Lahore via motorway while trying to use PTCL’s dongle but was met with everything from hate to despair but the only thing missing was an Internet connection. It is also fascinating that the company made Joint Innovation Center (JIS) through partnering up with ZTE earlier this March to provide high-quality video services to customers on TV and mobile devices but, forgot all about their bad internet service.

PTCL’s EVO claims to provide 3G internet in more than 250 cities but what is left out from the big conversation is that quality of internet provided is not a constant. Sometimes the internet works and can let you browse and surf the net, but other times it makes you accept the darkness within yourself so you can throw the dongle away, to be never seen again.

The problem with the objective of easy access of Internet to all is that in doing so, we compromise the quality of the service. The problem is not just limited to PTCL, but many other telecom giants lower their prices to provide Internet services to a much larger audience and in doing so lower their quality as well.

Pakistan has no doubt a price-sensitive market, where consumers want everything practically for free but the blame doesn’t just lie with consumers. The companies in order to push their products have made people sensitive to the prices. This has led to unhealthy competition and invasion of bad products and services in the common market. The telecom companies need to stop with the price wars and focus on providing a service they could actually be proud of.