Fast track development of Gwadar


BALOCHISTAN Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has announced restoration of the status of Gwadar as winter capital of the province and directed all provincial departments to set-up their offices in the port city. Presiding over the 16th meeting of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) governing body, he said the decision had been taken in view of the importance of Gwadar as a future economic hub of the country.

This is, indeed, a welcome decision that has the potential to fast-track developmental activities in a town that is set to become hub of regional trade in the years to come. But hopefully this would not remain a verbal announcement but practical measures would be taken on urgent basis to develop the required infrastructure i.e. offices and residential complexes and there should be a target to have Gwadar as winter capital of Balochistan from next winter. Actual shifting of CM Secretariat and other ministries and departments to the town would encourage multi-faceted activities in the area. Presence of the provincial government machinery at Gwadar means its development in a planned way and allocation of necessary financial resources for creation of required infrastructure to prepare the city for its future role. If the government shifts to Gwadar for winter, which is also a good proposition in view of severe and harsh weather in Quetta during winters, then it would serve as an incentive for different companies and private sector organisations to have their offices there. Presence of Chief Minister and his cabinet would also help fully operationalise the port besides creating right kind of environment to address difficulties and challenges in the way of development of Gwadar into a modern international standard city as envisioned by the leadership.