Bixi: Control your favorite devices Touch-free


Ever felt stuck with busy, covered or dirty hands?

Meet Bixi, the first ultra-portable companion that senses your in-air hand gestures and commands your favorite smartphone Apps, LifX & Hue bulbs, Internet Speakers, GoPro and many other IoT devices.


Control fluidly your devices without putting your current activity on pause.

You can control multiple actions of two apps or devices at the same time with Bixi. For example, you can be on your bike with Bixi on ‘Music’ & ’GoPro’ profiles and control both your songs and your GoPro with only gestures. Other such examples are:

Music & Lights control (Home)
Reading & door-lock control (home)
GoPro & Music control (on bike)
Phone/SMS & Music control(In car)


Fiddling with electronic devices on the road creates visual and cognitive distractions. With Bixi, you can drive safely and control your Music, Calls, Navigation, SMS, etc. without even looking at your phone.

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