AMD 4-core Ryzen CPUs Ready To Compete With Intel Core i3/i5 CPUs


Reports reveal that AMD has started sampling 4-core Ryzen CPUs which will be competing against the Intel i3 and i5 CPUs. These 4-core Ryzen CPUs have hyperthreading disabled. Although there will be no hyperthreading users will still get some overclocking headroom as these CPUs do have an unlocked multiplier.

Looking at how some of the lower end CPUs from Intel also feature an unlocked multiplier it will be interesting to see how 4-core Ryzen CPUs will impact the market. i3 CPUs may have hyper threading and the Kaby Lake series has now introduced unlocked CPUs but 4 cores are still better than 2 when it comes to gaming. As more and more games take advantage of more physical cores I think people will be more inclined towards 4-core Ryzen CPUs as compared to dual core i3 processors.

We expect these 4-core Ryzen CPUs to have a 3.4 GHz base clock. The new SenseMI technology will handle overclocking on its own. But you will need a proper cooling solution in order to take advantage of this technology. You will not be getting a lot of performance from the stock cooler but move to an all in one liquid cooling solution and you can expect some great boosts in clocks.

The CPUs come with a 45W TDP, the pricing has not been revealed yet but the CPUs will be available in March so stay tuned for more information regarding the 4-core Ryzen CPUs. This could be the year for team red as they have a good lineup for the budget gamer as well as the mid-range and overclocking enthusiasts as well.

Ryzen and Vega are a great combo and from what we have seen in demos so far this combo will be able to compete against both Nvidia and Intel. What do you think about Ryzen and Vega?