The only bike lock that Fights Back


The bike lock that will make thieves vomit when they try to steal your bike!

Bike theft is a huge problem all over the world, and as many commuters begin to transition away from gas-slurping sedans and head deeper into alternative modes of transportation, it’s becoming more and more prevalent.

San Francisco-based inventor and entrepreneur Daniel Idzkowski saw the problem and, as most good entrepreneurs do, decided to create an answer. Last month, Idzkowski posted up an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his idea for the SKUNKLOCK, a bike lock that sprays would-be thieves with vomit-inducing chemicals the moment the lock is compromised.

The idea, essentially, is that when the lock is cut into and its structural integrity is compromised, the chemical is dispersed directly into the face/eyes/body/direction of the would-be thief, who then writhes and instinctually runs away, all the while throwing up everywhere.

Is this even legal? Whatever.